Initial Community Offering

Welcome to the Holo ICO!

To participate in Holo's ICO, you must go through our registration process which includes verifying your identity, and whitelisting your Ethereum address in our systems. Then, you can send ETH to our ICO smart contract to claim your HoloTokens!

Your transaction will fail if your Ethereum address is not whitelisted, or if you send more ether than the current supply allows.

Transferring Ethereum to obtain HoloTokens is subject to specific Terms and Conditions, and restricted based on legal requirements. Please refer to our informational ICO webpage for general information on Holo's Initial Community Offering process.

Could not detect a web3 browser! We recommend using this page with a web3 browser like MetaMask or Mist. Set up your whitelisted address in MetaMask. If you don't do this, you can still contribute to our ICO manually by sending ETH to our contract's address. Our contract's address will be shown below after the ICO is launched.
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You can use the button on this page to send ETH directly to our ICO.

Sale Statistics

ICO Status: Not started yet Running Finished

ICO will launch soon

Note: Supply is calculated by a fixed formula based on data from the Holo crowdfunding campaign. ICO supply is only available to verified participants in specified jurisdictions.

Purchase HoloTokens (HOT)

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We're sorry, there are no tokens left for you to purchase today. More tokens can be released based on the performance of our crowdfunding campaign!
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You should now see your HoloTokens in your wallet, but they will not be transferable until the the sale ends. Click here for details.

Ethereum Address

Our ICO smart contract's address, to which you may send ether in order to recieve HoloTokens:

IMPORTANT SECURITY INFORMATION: We strongly encourage you to confirm that the address to which you are sending ether is in fact our ICO's address. In order to ensure your safety, please check that the above address matches the addresses published in the following places, and matches the address you're sending to.

  • The address on our ENS (Ethereum Name Service) site: holo-host.eth
  • The address on our second ENS site: holo-ico.eth
  • The video posted at the bottom of this page in which a member of our team reads out the last six digits of the address

If the address you're sending ether to does not match the addresses you’ve found in these places, or if you are in any doubt, don’t send ether. Instead, contact our support team immediately at help@holo.host.